The Soft Launch -or- The Creator Has a Master Plan

Newsflash: Apparently, I am becoming an empty nester sooner than I thought.

I’m laughing and crying on the inside.

It’s just like when mijo was breastfeeding. Everyone told me I needed to really prepare myself, and try to wean him over a longer period of time. Well, I made the decision to start weaning him at 11 months old, with the idea that we could wrap it up around 1 1/2 years old, but no, he was done. At 11 months old.

It feels just like that again, only now he is 17, and try as I might to want to keep holding on to him, he’s feeling more and more ready to go out into the world on his own.

He’s on fire, just like me. It’s freaking amazing. I don’t think either of us has ever been so on our game in terms of pursuing our personal interests and passions.

This journey has totally flipped every part of our life scripts, including coming to the decision to resign from my job and leave Denver permanently.

Ayyy, big, big, crazy, wonderful, mysterious life!

I thought I was going to have a good 1 1/2 more years with him… in the nest.

Can’t help but think of that song, “The Creator Has a Masterplan,” by Pharaoh Sanders.

When we last left off, we were just leaving Paris, touching down back in the states. I personally had a really tough time coming back to the states originally, it felt backward, lifeless and I was actually kind of mad at myself for succumbing to the compromise.

Sadly, Denver was no good for either of us on that first landing.

But now, I see truly the Creator had a master plan and it led us both to California at different times and on polar opposite schedules, so funny how things work out for us sometimes.


I flew out of Denver to go to Los Angeles, finding my way up to San Francisco (via Megabus, which was awesome and only $25), down to Santa Clara for a life-changing conference with Brendon Burchard, up to Oakland to stay at a dreamy Bed and Breakfast for “spiritual missionaries,” to work on the progress of my book, (Newsflash #2: I am self-publishing a book before year’s end), and then to San Francisco to meet up with mijo for two days, who would end up staying there with his friend who was in college, as I left to go to a workaway on the Central Coast of California.


Okay, mama, you can do this! Btw, the trains in California are pretty sweet.



Yes, it’s a wild and wonderful life.

This was our first test, what is it like when mom and son are apart doing their own things in the world?

He got to spend a week in San Francisco with his friend, who totally changed his life too and was making the most of his independence in a big city life.


Two friends vow to take care of each other in mama’s absence. Pretty sure they’ve got this : )


I sent him to Los Angeles (on the Megabus for $25, he goes SF–> LA, I went LA–> SF, Oh life!) on his own for a week so that he could make connections in his chosen fields, including film/photography, modeling, music, entrepreneurship.

This was the big, is he going to fall or fly moment.

All I could do was pray.

I’ve got to tell you the week he was in L.A. on his own was actually one of the best moments we’ve had in a long time. I really got to step into mama as mentor role again and felt so valuable to him. We spent hours on the phone through the week as he worked to figure everything out, our conversations all about how to take him higher and higher, how amazing life is, and living the dreams to the fullest extent. Such good sauce.




Gotta love technology, dorking out, giving advice, and creating smiles.              How does it get any better than this? 


He took the bait to fly.

He made the most of the opportunity, starting off with a Workaway building a “beehive,” in Pasadena, going to an entrepreneurship workshop, knocking on the modeling agencies doors, networking with other people in the biz, and even getting to work with a music group on a song.

And really, this was just a taste. He did a lot in 5 days, including, finally getting some GRIT.

I’d been wishing he’d get some GRIT for quite a while now.

I laugh now because the last time we were in Denver, he told me flat out that he was never catching a bus in his life again. I shook my head, like, yeah, oooohkay, we’ll see about that….

Fast forward to L.A. and this dude was catching multiple buses a day just to get to places to meet up with people and make some moves. He was on public transportation for hours to go meet with people that can help him. Thank you for the grit, L.A.!

Cool thing is after this week on his own, we got to spend a couple of days in Los Angeles and then fly back to Denver, Colorado together.

Also, very much like Paris, as soon as I saw my son there, I was like, “It’s like you live here, belong here.” #wowmom





Reunited! Soft Launch Score #1!

There is a lot more to the story, but the gist is we are practicing what it is like for him to go places on his own for a bit and then come back to the nest, hence, the soft launch!


Soft Launch #2: He’s going to New York on his own for a week before the New Year!

Just like everything else, I’m sure it’s all going to happen faster than I’m necessarily ready for. I mean, I was out on my own when I was 17. But what is important, is that he feels ready and confident to fly on his own.

Right now, we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. He’s pretty adamant about moving to L.A. pronto mismo! All I know is that we are on a journey, we are intending what we want in the world, we listen for the direction and the answers and we go.

The Creator definitely has a master plan.

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Thanks for reading.























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