Holy Backpacks!

When you decide to leave the country for a year, and you know you want to stay in hostels, AirBnb’s, and WorkAways, you know you’re going to need something amazingly portable to wear–like a backpack!

We’re doing a little test stint here out in Chicago right now. So far, we already have mixed feelings about this backpack thing.

I spent months researching how to do this, what the best products were and was certain I found the ultimate #travelbackpack for myself. Being that I am a lady of style and nature, I was immediately attracted and enamored to the Osprey Farpoint 70. The guy at REI, Willy–whose the best backpack expert for travel, talked me down to the Osprey Farpoint 55. He repeatedly said, “Less is More!”

Being a frugal and sometimes savvy shopper, I opted to leave my research on the floor of that REI and sealed a more affordable deal through Backcountry.com.

My backpack arrived and I had so much pride, I couldn’t even open it and even left the tags on it for about 3 months.

Every blog and da-dee-da I read said to test it out prior to travel, walk around the block, and such.

I’m a procrastinator, so my test didn’t come until 3 nights before we were destined to leave for Chicago.

I spent a night in panic, because no matter how many times I tried to restuff my compression bags, my shit would not fit.

The next day I woke up on a mission to return to REI and get the bag that I originally wanted. I was in a panic about needing more space–because we are going to be gone a WHOLE YEAR.

After two hours of trying out some other options, I went back to my guts and settled on getting the one that felt right from the beginning. Only problem, it could most definitely not be a carry on, I was going to have to get over my insecurity of rechecking my bags during our Iceland and Switerzland layovers.

Well in our first domestic flight to Chicago, I already wish I would have listened to Willy.

“Less is more,” he said, with a knowing gleam in his eyes.

We took a one hour train, and trodded through a bit of downtown on our first day with our backpacks and I’m already wondering, what the heck can I get rid of, because this is too much already. Uh-oh.

I also think I could have just packed my rubber ball and yoga mat and figured out the rest upon arrival. More on that later!



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